You Are Special cake

My special little “Reider” brought a book home from school a while ago and I’ve been referring to it and teaching from it since.  It is Max Lucados’ book entitled “You Are Special”.  It is about little wooden people that stick dots or stars on each other as they see fit.   It bothers one sad little Wemmick named Punchinello  who has been labelled with many grey dots (bad marks).   I had lots of extra fondant and a small cake so I put the boys to work in creating an edible yummy life lesson.  Not to mention the reward of great quality family time on a Saturday afternoon.


It was a small cake for a large life lesson.


Chocolate caramel cake dirty iced ready for fondant.


Marshmallow fondant ready to go


My youngest little helper, he hasn't read the book yet but was willing to be a taste tester


My little Reider who is always proud to be "working for Yummers" and always does a great job.


My oldest guy who's not a big help with cakes but is so great for moral :)


My double sided fondant cut outs on tooth picks.


"You Are Special" hand painted with food colouring. One for each boy.


Fondant grey dots and yellow and green stars positioned to look like they are falling off.


The book that inspired the cake. Max Lucados' You Are Special.




And of course what good is a cake until you add love....lots of it.


I love to find books that help illustrate important life lessons like this one.  I have three wonderful boys  who I pray will always know they were made special by God and that he has a plan for each of them.   So now I say ” are you giving your brother a dot or a star?”  and then to the other “Did it stick, is it true?”  They love it and it disperses many fights.  I’m so blessed they are as open to learning these lessons as they are to digging into a piece of cake.

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