Where’s Frosty??

75 snowmen for the holidays.

These were inspired by Bakerella, http://www.bakerella.com/snowman-cake-pops/ snowman cake pops from her new book. I had promised to deliver 75 pieces and was wondering how I would pull it off after doing a few. You need lots of patience and time. Both of which I didn’t have that day. I did them in steps as to not burn out. You also need space for 150+ cake balls, they were in every fridge and freezer. I did all choc. cake which when going with light colour candy coating would not be recommended. I had to use white candy wafers when really I wanted super white (only in US). Assembly was time consuming but I was really happy with how they turned out. I would recommend skipping the double ball snowman and just doing hat and head next time. If you are going to try this it’s vital to add flocoat candy oil to candy prior to colouring paste.

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  1. P.Doyle Reply

    these are amazing , Joanne. You are a very talented lady. Not sure where you find the time, but they look great. I am planning to try making some soon.

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