Thai’d the knot

Last month my little sister eloped to Thailand.  They came back to Manitoba in May for a small reception that I got to host.  His parents flew out for supper and then brunch the next day.  We all had a wonderful time.  I would have loved to be there, but this was the next best thing.
My signature chocolate Reeses peanut butter cake with PB butter cream, chocolate ganache and mini Reeses cups.
I wanted it to be simple and classic, Laura’s style.  The symbols on the front of the cake are Thai for “I love you”
I love the Damask them with Robins egg blue.
Top view
John cutting the cake.
My inspiration for the cake and party them.  I framed a piece of wrapping paper as the mat was being signed by friends and family.
Here are the chocolate with vanilla bean buttercream cupcakes.  Along with coconut vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese lime icing, these were my favorite…yummers!
Chocolate covered bride and groom strawberries. Amongst them hide chocolate dipped and chocolate ganache topped brownies.  Laura helped with bow ties and buttons!
And of course just because they eloped they couldn’t avoid all the fun.  We dressed them up in tacky clothes and took some of our own family wedding pics.  Here Laura is wearing a lace tablecloth around her as well as in her hair. 
But of course you can’t make this girl look bad.  We got some great pics with the apple tree blossoms.  What a catch, we are blessed to have John in the family.
Congratulations Laura and John!
Here’s to many years of happiness together.

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  1. Laura Jacques Reply

    Thank you so much Joanne! The day was so much fun and so beautiful because of you!! I absolutely love all of your cakes!

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