Strawberry Shortcake

Berry Delicious!!!
As most people know I love SBSC so when I got the chance for a little sweetheart of mine I when all out. This cake took alot of time but mostly because my hubby turned on the undercabinet lighting one night and completely melted my sculptures by accident. So start again…SBSC, Puptart (puppy), Custard (cat) and berries are all moldeling chocolate. It was a challenge as time is a factor when sculpting with chocolate. The heat from my hands would often ruin the intricate details ie.details on shirt. Lots of running them under cold water. Flowers and leaves are marshmallow fondant. This cake was white and pink vanilla layers in both tiers with lightly flavored Strawberry Buttercream. I didn’t leave much space for a candles…oops. I’m glad they had to cut this cake and not me!!

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