Star Wars Lego cake
I tried to take as many pictures as possible to demonstrate the steps involved. This cake was a good challenge because of the Lego aspect and the fact I knew very little about Star Wars…that’s changed.
Ta da!
The lower tier is a 10″ blue raspberry vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing filling…sounds yummy already. The top is a 6″ chocolate cake with caramel and chocolate chip buttercream icing. I use Marshmallow fondant which does a beautiful job of sealing in moisture and giving the cake a clean look.
My Light saber factory. They look simple but took a lot of patience. Once dry after assembly I dusted the handles with silver petal dust.
Fondant Lego piece body parts. I used lots of Google images and added as much detail as I could because you know that 9 year old who lives Star Wars will notice.

Darth Maul gave me the creeps even without arms and a weapon.
Obi Wan and Darth Vader await assembly.
Luke Skywalker, R2D2 and Qui-Gon Jinn hanging out to dry.

Here’s the gang.  Obi -Wan, Darth Vader, CP3O, Luke, R2D2, Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn almost ready.
A Debbie Brown technique to applying fondant.  An alternative to drapping.
Measure and cut a perfect piece then roll it on,  flawless really except for the tricky seam to blend.  Now I’m loving the light sabers :)  worked perfect to hide the imperfection.  try to spot it!
Her technique provides a great product but requires a topper piece.
So I did airbrushed silver with star cutouts, some later to be filled in with coordinating black stars.
Fondant ready to go on the 10″ cake that was 4″ high. So it had to be at least 20 x 20 .  This is a very good arm workout. 
Went on great, always measure and mark all reference points.
I love airbrushing it beats kneading colour in forever only to be left with streaks.
Bases are done….now to add the fun.  This is the best part when you get to see it all come together. 
The gang is good to go, weapons and all.
Now he really scares me with arms and double ended saber.
Notice Darth Vaders already taken Lukes right Lego arm.  Thanks Dad.
Poor Luke.
Some more Character shots

Some Final cake shots





And roughly 20 hours later it’s done and ready for a party.
  Enjoy Chase and I hope your cake is one you’ll always remember as being super Yummers.

3 comments on “Star Wars Lego cake”

  1. Sarah Reply

    Amazing job, I’m doing a Darth maul cake for my brother and was wondering how you got your figures to hold the light sabers?

  2. joanne Reply

    Thanks Sarah, I use a 50/50 gumpaste/marshmallow fondant mix. I make the entire light saber with hand attached and let dry. A dab of water will attach fresh fondant to fresh fondant well. Then once completely dry, lie figure on back and position saber where you want it with a touch of edible Tylose food glue. Use extra fondant or toothpicks to stabilize till dried in place.
    Hope this helps.. love to see a pic of your cake when done!

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