Sousa Sans Chocolate Gateau

This cake was for a 50th Birthday as well as wedding anniversary.  Gotta love when you can combine  celebrations.  Just like my hubby this B-day girl has an allergy to chocolate so VERY vanilla it is.

This is a 3 layer  6″ Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream icing,  covered in Marshmallow fondant.

This was my first attempt at a flower and roses were a good challenge.  The first one taking me over an hour to roll out and for all 18 petals and form around the bud.  These are made of 50/50 gumpaste and fondant.  Getting a deep rich red was also a challenge.  There wasn’t much about these that weren’t difficult.  Not sure I’ll do more flowers but thanks to Youtube and a tutorial book I made it through.  Each flower must have take me an hour while the buds were much faster.


I really love this shot even though they are not perfect and will never be seen in a gumpaste magazine.  I was so happy to be done.  The cake turned out to have a classic look with a contempory ribbon design bringing it all together in the end.    Making this cake made me realize once again that nature is a miracle and the hardest thing to duplicate.

Congratulations Theresa, here’s to another year of health, happiness and many more roses!!

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  1. joan Reply

    Joanne your roses are beautiful! You make it all look so easy.
    Your first attempt and sooo perfect. God definately created a beautiful and talented rose when He created you! Keep the cakes coming, I love visiting your site.

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