Showers of Happiness bridal shower cake

As I made this spring bridal shower cake “Showers of Happiness” I watched as the snow fell and covered the yard again.  It was beautiful but maybe more appreciated in November not so “happy” for Easter.  Hopefully the blanket of snow disappears as fast as the cake will!
This two tier 6″and 8″ cake is a guaranteed cure for those dangerous chocolate cravings.
Hiding under these dainty butterflies is yummy chocolate cake and melt in your mouth whipped dark chocolate ganache.
I really had to think “Spring” and not look out at the snow.
I made over 30 butterflies but tried to keep it simple.
It was hard as I love to accent.
I knew very little about the wedding, so I really just made a cake I would love.
I hope the bride loves it too.
I made a message tag out of fondant by hand.
My inspiration for shape came from my friend Yoko who plans great Garden Parties
I researched colour blending and the wheel in order to make these muted colours.
Much more challenging and time consuming than I expected, but I learned lots.
Here is the final colour pallet, very soft and muted.
I have no idea what the wedding colours are but hope she likes these. 
I’m sure you can buy an overpriced version of this from Wilton or you can fold your own “M” .
Very important to line this with parchment paper as Wax paper and fondant seem to stick.
It also makes it so easier to move later and reuse your “M”.
Chocolate ganache covered cakes.
Oh just the smell is aromatherapy :) 
I wish you a wonderful bridal shower Yasmin.
And an even more beautiful wedding day.
May you have many memories to cherish forever.

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