Pirate Cake

This was a really fun cake to make.

 This party mama throws very co-ordinated parties so the pressure was on to make sure the cake fit right into theme.  I used the custom designed invite for my inspiration.

This is a yummy 10″ and 6″ chocolate Skor cake with some chocolate ganache squeezed in there too.


A lot of detail went into this cake but I was determined to not make the typical “Pirate” cake.  So I steered away from the full treasure chest or boat/scary skulls and pirates.  This little guy was turning 2 so it had to be fun.

I love to make the colours pop and keep the eyes busy.

My five minute crab.  Probably the easiest figurine yet.

Along came the fondant pirate birdie!  This pirate idea was featured on the invite.

Here is a pile of chocolate rocks between fondant and then airbrushed at a 90 degree angle for effect.

 The treasure chest would rest on this.

Fondant chest in the making.

Add some gold coins.  I made these with a #10 icing tip and then painted them gold.

Sword making takes patience but is possible.

Assembled and drying in position.

Very easy Lifesavers made with two circles and then painted later with red.

Top tier with a sandy fondant colour and then hand painted to match the invitation.  One of my favourite steps.

Making fondant waves, you need alot of wave to go around a 10″ cake.

The bottom tier coming together with the addition of rope and life rings evenly spaced.

Skoring the plank to mark it for cutting as I wanted it to fit snuggly against the 6 ” top piece.

Wood grained brown fondant used for the treasure chest. I used two tones of browns for the ship.  I once again followed the invite for the general shape, unfortunately no patterns.

Ship was fastened to cake with a dabs of water.


Pirate chicky on the plank.

Mr.Crab hanging out with some swords.

Every ship cake needs an anchor.  This was super easy just a few basic shapes to scale.

A very Happy Birthday to you Lawson.

I hope you discovered many treasures and here’s to many more!

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  1. Kristin Reply

    This is one of my favorites Joanne! I love the painting on the top tier, it looks like you wrapped it in fabric or wrapping paper. So Cute!

  2. Kathy Reply

    Joanne, this was such a wonderful cake…Lawson’s birthday was fabulous! Already planning for this year’s parties…will you do them? Please? The are the best ever, no one in the city does as good of a job as you have done! Kathy

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