Mexican themed cake….beans anyone?

This cake was made for a very special Grandpa who was born in Mexico 89 years ago.
He’s a sweet heart with a sweet tooth:)
By far the most challenging cake I’ve done based on size.
10 cake recipes, 11 recipes of icing, 10lbs of mm fondant and at least 30 hours of work.
I always start with a sketch and try to stick to it.
This is a planning essential.
And now for 89 candles.
These are chocolate dipped pringle stix with a fondant flame.
It’s was overwhelming to see a life time of candles and to imagine all he’s done and seen in  those years.
Mouth watering top tier that made up the bean pot.
Chocolate cake with drizzled with dark chocolate ganache covered in peanut butter buttercream then topped with mini Reeses Cups.  This was a hit.
Green tier was a 10″ chocolate cake with drizzled dark chocolate ganache.  Then coated in Skor bar and topped with…. you guessed it …..whipped ganache.  Soooo rich.
The bottom 14″ vanilla bean vanilla cake was coated with cream cheese icing and then loaded with these mouth watering raspberries.
Ready for fondant mexican blanket construction.
These clear guides worked amazing for stints.
Routine washing between colours a MUST to keep a clean look.
One Mexican blanket.
Did you know you can buy a real one online for $69.95
Apply to cake and drape then go madly scrub your counter top praying it doesn’t stain.
The moment I was waiting for.  Hand painting my clay “Olla” and lid.
So much fun, it made up for the difficultly I had draping it.
My inspiration for the “Olla”
$21.95 online.
A little surprise birthday wish on inside of lid.
He loved it, but cringed at the number :)
I guess it doesn’t get easier.
“Olla” complete with beans.
Cake was assembled on site 1 1/2 hours away through flood water detours.
No country roads today!
Final product including exactly 89 edible candles and hopefully a flavour for everyone.
Loved the colours.
Moments like these you remember for a lifetime.
Like giving a labour of love to a great guy who never knew that sort of thing was possible.

He did whisper to me he purposely ate a small supper so he could eat more cake.
At 89 I think you can eat cake for supper and not feel guilty!
Mr. Cornelius Froese with cake and an amazing hand painted portrait by Kerwin Froese.

The most difficult part of this entire cake…..cutting it.  This was not easy for me.  I really was wishing someone else would do this VERY difficult job.
Funny no one offered.
I told Grandpa “at his age he shouldn’t have to blow out any candles”.
And that “it was much easier to just eat one!”
He agreed. 
A very Happy Birthday Grandpa Froese.

I’d like to extend a big Thank you to the planning committee for including me in this wonderful celebration.
I feel truly honoured to have had the opportunity to create a cake he’ll remember.

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  1. Wenona Reply

    I just found your blog – so amazing Joanne!! All your cakes are gorgeous, but this one was so special. Thank you for doing this for Grandpa!

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