Lego Space Police Cake

The Lego Space Police are continually defending the galaxy against the Black Hole Gang.
Dirty icing! love this tip
6″ vanilla cake with real vanilla Bean icing and a 10″ Chocolate Chocolate chip with Vanilla Buttercream.
Brick stamp being applied to fondant.
Making the hole where Brick Daddy smashes out of.
Lego Space Police logo in fondant sprayed with gold.
The blue and gold are also airbrushed.
Hand drawn stint and the fondant version airbrushed for that graffiti look.
Airbushed the brick in brown, added the 6″ cake and a bit of graffiti.  The graffiti is fondant cut from a hand made drawing and then airbrushed then out lined in black.  The hole in the “O” is actually the black hole gangs symbol – skull.
Watch for it on the characters belts and clothing.
My inspiration for the characters and top tier of cake.
This is a fold our from a Lego magazine.
All nine hand painted fondant characters dried and ready to go.
Lego Space Police Officer rounding the corner with his gun handy.
Slizer in the police line up trying to hide cash.
Kranxx and Squidman line up as well.
Brick Daddy on the break away as he’s just broke threw the bank wall.
Skull Twins, Notice the chains, zippers and skull belts.
Lots of hand painted detailing here.
Lego Space Police Chief getting ready to arrest Craniac,
Handcuffs in hand.

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