We’re going to the Ice Cream Shop… so baby tell me what you want:)

End of the school year means a big school party ice cream cake pop style.

Get scooping….100 it is!!


These are chocolate cake pops with mini chips and chocolate icing.  I had my boys design there own and we went with that.


Zach’s fav is black forest ice cream.


Reid doesn’t love ice cream so he went with vanilla and sprinkles.


Yes I found a spot to hide a surprise!!!  a few Smarties were a hit and a mystery.

I created my own faster method than the cake pop Queen as I have munchins at my heels aswell as helping :)) faster is always better when doing cake pops.


First step here to dip half the cake pop in the melted chips and then pop into cone.


Here’s my fav. part  NO DIPPING and tapping.  Use a squeeze bottle filled with your base colour and make a penny sized circle on top then encircle layering your chocolate three or four times around that main circle amount.


Here’s the step that replaces that annoying tapping and waiting stage.  Just tap 5-6 times on the counter lighting and watch the ice cream look appear with no effort.  Ensure the cake pop is completely covered.  Fill in any bare spots with a dab from the bottle.


Then top with what ever you want.  Here my 5 yr old wanted sprinkles and an orange skittle.


For something extra fill another bottle with milk chocolate and drizzle a small amount on top in centre and pull in 5 directions.  Then tap down again on counter until a smooth finish appears.


These are topped with a red Skittle.


These ones I made with my niece and we used this as a lesson in “you can make mistakes beautiful”.  I loved making yummy treats and getting to spend a fun night together.


All the ice cream cone cake pops that were made.  My best part was letting the kids duplicate there favorite ice cream cone flavours.

Here’s to a great summer full of lots of trips to the Ice Cream Shop!!!

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