Hummingbird anniversary cake

This is a cake for my wonderful neighbours across the street but originally from across the pond.

Celebrating there Ruby anniversary after 40 years how fitting was a Ruby throated hummingbird.  Like most of my cakes I learn a new appreciation for others interests after doing hours of research to compile designs.

This is a 3 layer 6″ very vanilla cake with vanilla bean buttercream icing.


Here is a side view of the cake with the male Ruby throated humming bird on top and the female on the side.  These birds are on average 3 Oz in weight and 2.5 – 3 inches in length.  So I could make them real size.  They are generally attracted to bell shaped bright red and orange flowers.   I knew a cake with birds and flowers would be a huge challenge for time for me.  I had many late nights studying tutorials and doing as much research as I could to pull this off.


My finished hibiscus pistil with stamens and stigmas .

I followed this very talented womans tutorial on hibiscus gumpaste flowers as close as I could.   Flowers are very intense for time and patience both of which I need :)


These are orange trumpet flowers I made.  I didn’t have a tutorial here but saw a woman in Michaels doing a demo for Wilton once.

Make a cone and splay all edges then frill the edge.  Enlarge the open with ball tool and add calyx.

Hang dry only!!


Applying petal dust carefully to a dried gumpaste trumpet flower.  Later to be steamed to seal in colour and add some shine.


Here are the orange trumpet flowers I used as inspiration.


I made a few Hibiscus buds, they were a treat and felt so easy compared to the full flower.


Every leaf had to be fused with water onto it’s own wire and dried on a curve after being veined.  The same was done with every flower petal to allow assembly to easier.


The palette of colours that made up the humming birds.

Lots of attention to detail with these especially since the male and female are so different.


Hand painted gumpaste  Ruby throated male hummingbird.  Here is the link to Mike Lentz who has captured many beautiful photos of these birds.  I learned these hummingbirds will make the non stop 500 mile  flight each year across the Gulf of Mexico to migrate for mating season.  They double there 3 oz body mass in order to have enough caloric energy for the trip.



Hand painted gumpaste  Ruby throated female hummingbird.  Here  the Mike Lentz site was a huge help again in getting the colours accurate.


You see gumpaste flowers ready to go.  I see 8-10 hours of work.  So gratifying to have that part done.


My favourite…. assembly time.


Back view of the cake.


I positioned the female with her beak in the trumpet flower as seen in so many photos.


Another view of female humming bird and the gumpaste hibiscus flower.



The professional hibiscus flower I was trying to duplicate.  Tutorial found here.


The top view of finished cake.

I’m once again amazed at the beauty that was created for us to enjoy and attempt to duplicate.

A big Congrats to you two love birds on 4o years, here’s to many more happy moments together.



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  1. rose Reply

    very helpful :) you inspire me to make flower gumpaste. im new in flower making so this is very helpful and very detailed . thank you again :)

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