Glam it up, take a pic cake

“Maybe she’s born with it, Maybe it’s……..”
I was asked to do a make up/photo shoot cake for a little girl named Maybel.
This cake was begging to be all about pink, green and Maybelline.  As luck would have it those colours just happen to be the party colours as well.
6″ and 8″ chocolate caramel cake with vanilla butter cream, chocolate ganache and Skor chocolate bar pieces.


Side view
Back View
And what good is a vanity unless it lights up???
I had so much fun despite the intense amount of mathematics this took to make symmetrical.
Using black gumpaste I cut all the vanity pieces needed. This is challenging as you only get one chance to cut it right.  If you try later when it’s dry the pieces crack and look bad. So this meant lots of planning ahead and measuring.
Box assembled and has to dry some more.
Applying the confectioners glaze for that extra shine.  I use a disposable brush as it is VERY difficult to clean.  I like using this product on pieces that will not be eaten, even though it’s technically edible not sure it tastes great as it smells.
Bulbs all glued in place and evenly spaced.  My math nightmare :)
Turned out great even though it did take some patience to have them all sticking out the same distance.
Hubba Bubba time!!!
I read somewhere you could shape it and was waiting for a chance to try it.
What better than bubble gum lipsticks and nail polish.  I cut the piece lengthwise and faced wrong sides together then twisted into the lipstick shape.   The nail polish is two red pieces shaped into a bottle with a black fondant top.
There are 12 little party girls so each gets a bubble gum treat.
Fondant polaroid  films to enhance the photo aspect of the cake.
Lip stencil for airbrushing the top tier.
Using the stencil.
Lower tier with supports.
I inserted the straw to clear the way for another straw that will act as the housing for the vanity wiring.
I did this to both tiers, through the boards as well.  I cut a hole in the middle of the boards to allow the straws to pass through.  I also made a cut from the centre hole to the outside of the cake boards to allow cutting the cake to be easier.  It will also allow the b-day girl to save the vanity if she wants.  I should mention I had to glue two straws together to get the height of the cake and I made a lengthwise cut down the straws for easy removal of wire.
Straw clearing the cake through the cake board.
Power supply for lights running through the centre of the cake.
Power supply disguised as a girly camera.  This was tricky as the on/off level had to be exposed for use.
My inspiration for the cake colours.
I also incorporated it on the cake with a Happy Birthday message.
Top tier with airbrushed lips and Happy Birthday mascara.
Lower tier with polaroids.This cake was a good challenge to make and I was able to try some news things like bubble gum and electricity.
I just loved how it all came together.
I wish you a very special 10th birthday Maybel.
I hope your birthday party is a blast and the photo shoot goes beautifully.

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  1. Lee-Ann Reply

    I believe you may have just blown Jason’s mind by adding in electrical to a cake :) You never cease to amaze!!

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