AAA grade Dad cake

This is a steak cake that I decided to make for my father in law for Father’s Day.

It was a great fit as he is a butcher by trade, but that meant it had to be a quality cut!!


A  8″  Chocolate rib eye cake with chocolate morsels filled with vanilla butter cream and cherries.


Cutting the steak shape.


Dirty iced ready for fondant.


I mixed a deep red marshmallow fondant.

Then placed the cake on a foam platter like at the meat counter.

As if the cake is not fattening enough,  here I had to add actual fondant fat :)



Here’s a cross section of the cake, it was yummy.  The cherries gave off a nice “au jus”  I could handle.


I then wrapped it up and made a label.  He loved it.

A very Happy Fathers Day to the man who helped shape “my man”.  I will always appreciate the wonderful father example you set for your sons and now grandsons.

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  1. brenda Reply

    Very thoughtful, but downright disgusting! I don’t think I could eat it, it looks waaaaay too real! You are way too good at this!

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