Chicken fingers for Fathers Day :)

My hubby is not a fan of cake so we went with his all time fav. for Father’s Day…New York delights.


They consist of butter, sugar, coconut and marshmallows melted together.  Then poured on parchment and chilled.  Once cut into lengths they are coated in crushed corn flakes.  They gross me out because they look like chicken fingers but he loves them slightly thawed.  So we made his day with a big double batch.


A token of what’s to come,  we didn’t tell him there were way more in the freezer.

I ran out of time but was going to “chocolatize” some for myself to see if that would help them look tastier :)


He was thrilled and very surprised.  His first present out of the freezer!!
Here’s to the kindest hearted person I know who is a blessing to all those around him.
I pray our sons inherit all your wonderful traits and my good looks :))

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