Candy Land cake

Any one who knows me knows I have enjoyed earning all my dental fillings with the help of candy. I have wonderful memories as a child of hiding in small places to sneak treats, pure childhood bliss!   This cake was a real treat to make.  I’ve never played the original game but may just go out to buy it.  I had to borrow a game board for reference from my little guys kindergarten teacher…thank you Mme Marcoux:)

This is an all vanilla (B-day girls fav) 8″ and 10″ two tiered cake.


Side of cake


Back view


I took the time to swirl the icing in pink and purple so when you cut into each piece it would look neat.  Hope it worked.



Now the details on the details.  This is a plastic ornament sphere I found at a craft store that worked perfect for the gumball housing.  Buy the ball first and then make the krispie treat base to scale.


Here’s my gumball machine base carved and smoothed many times over.



Fill both halves of the sphere with you gumballs and use a piece of paper to assist with careful assembly to avoid clapped them together.



It’s taking shape here.



Finished product with the hot pink fondant and girly accents.  The lid was tacked on lightly so the gum can be accessed.  I use confectioners glaze to get the super shine.


I love hand painting so these little men were a pleasure :)

It’s like a where’s Waldo.


The cards were so valuable for reference.


I hand cut this design which I think turned out very close.


I really did want to just eat these little game pieces up they were so cute.

I was thinking of making  an edible game for my boys….here’s my start.


My own idea of how to make a mini cone.   I’m sure you could pay for an overprice cutter too though!



I later scored them with the cone criss crosses.


My version of a 3D fondant lollipop.  Extrude two colours and start with one slightly longer.  Then start rolling.  Use a dot of water for adhesion if necessary.


Roll till it’s large enough to fill cutter.  Do this twice for one lollipop.


Use water to adhere to lollipop stick.  My new favourite tool is my water brush, it gives a consistent flow to dampen pieces.


Lay pieces to dry once both sides are joined.

The original Candy Land game.


Her name worked out great for a name plate as many letters were the same as in the logo.  I only had to invent the “E”.


The colous popped on the cake so well.



The top tier was a giant swirled candy from the game.


I even included  the purple and red licorice from the game board in fondant, glazes with water for shine.

Lose a turn if you get stuck on a licorice space.



The Ginger Bread tree secured to the cake.


Green fondant game piece.


These guys were just so cute I kept taking pictures.


At first I tried to co-ordinate all the colours and then realized there just is every colour in the game.  Yet somehow they all look great together.

A very Happy Birthday Nalley!!!!

I hope you and your friends all had a wonderful party to cherish.

It’s meeting friends like you Wendy that put the joy into making these cakes, thank you for all your trust with each order.  And a very big thank you for giving me a “smile moment”.  You know those memories that can make you laugh even when you are alone or need a pick me up.  This moment is you picking up a huge two tier cake and cake pop bouquet in a convertible with the top down on a hot day.   That would’ve made a great reality cake show episode.  You are so funny and your family is so blessed to have such a fun mom and grandma.



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  1. Kathy Reply

    A HUGE thank you. You are THE most talented cake artist in the world. Several people commented yesterday that this cake puts the Cake Boss to shame. They are right, a stunning cake that tastes delish! And you couldn’t be more right about Wendy, we are SO blessed to have her as our Mom/Grandma (and Brent too!)! Thank you for your hard work on Nalley’s cake, it MADE the party!

  2. brenda Reply

    WOW you never stop amazing me, what an unbelievable cake! I agree that you put cake boss to shame! You are so talented!

  3. Becky Reply

    WOW!!! This is amazing!!!! fantastic work!! love all the progress shots, shows how much work you put in and how much pride you take in doing such a great job!

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