Lollipop, lollipop oooo lolli lolli cake pop!

These lollipops and hard candy cake pops were in addition to the Candy land cake.


I found a really cute vase to inspire the other colour choices.


Fast, easy way to cut your lollipop shape.



Piping on the white chocolate for swirl.


Even out with tooth pick if you have to.


So easy and fast.


The hard candy cake pops were not fast:)

I made the  wrapper twist ends out of marbled purple and white marshmallow fondant and draped them over an icing tip to get the shape needed.  Just pinch four corners, remove from tip and set aside to dry .  Do this twice for each pop.


Once you dipped your pop then you get to hold them on till it hardens into place.  This was the painfully slow part.


But they looked so cute in the end.  Always worth it!


And finally an ice cream cone cake pop to top the bouquet.

And only one for the birthday girl of course.


Hope you and your friends loved these Nalley!

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