Lego Ninjago Cake with Party ideas

My Boys are both August babies so instead of searching for friends in summer we had their party combined in June.

They LOVE Lego Ninjago, so we decided to party it up Spinjitzu style :)

This is an 8″ Vanilla cake with Vanilla buttercream.   They are not fans of chocolate so vanilla it is.

This is the front view of the cake.


Back view of cake.


Fondant Characters drying after being hand painted.  They all poses different superhero strengths and weapons which I had lots of opinions on what to do from my very excited boys.



Ninjago Kai strength is attack and his dragon breathes fire.




Ninjago Jay who’s strength is speed and has a dragon that breathes lightning.


Ninjago Cole who’s strength is defense and has a dragon breathing rock.



Ninjago Cole who’s strength is stealth and has a dragon breathing ice on his chest.


One of my most flawless fondant job, I was so thrilled especially because this is Marshmallow fondant.

I thought a hand painted “Happy Birthday” would  be so fitting in Chinese.



My krispie treats base for the Chinese temple.

Adding grooves and texture to the treats prior to fondant.  Tip: icing always helps your fondant stick well to rice Krispies.


Ready for the fondant now.


Fondant covered Temple.


Hand painting the windows of the temple.  Not sure what this says but it is off the official Lego site so hopefully nothing bad.

I’d love to know if anyone reads Chinese.


The next part is the rest of the party and how it all came together.

I designed the invites to look like Ninjago cards that you get with the mini figures.  They were printed two sided on high quality paper and then laminated on my own.  They were a hit but did seem to get lost as the kids wanted to keep them and not just stick them on the fridge at home.

This idea I dreamed up and the boys were thrilled.

I bought inflatable beach balls and transformed them into Ninjas.  Here is everything you need, super simple and fast.

Scissors, tape, sharpie pen, clear fish line, coloured tissue paper and  white craft paint .


Sharpie on some agree eye brows (google this image to help).  Start at the mouth and cover with tissue working your way to back of the ball.  Tape the side at the pleats.

Dot on that white paint for the highlights in the eye.


They looked so great hanging with the other balloons.  I was going to make this a take home craft idea at the party but then I found a better way to spend more money on the party :)

I never tell my hubby the party budget thank goodness he never asks!




With major pre-party excitement building I got the boys to sit down and channel that into creativity.  These are the  lego candy dishes they came up with.

And I didn’t have to worry about the kids breaking my candy bar vases.


And here’s were I spent more money. A  T-shirt for every kid with custom iron on transfers with personalization.  Zach team was red (Kai) and Reids was white for Zane.

I wanted to make the kids a mask for the party and came across an easy to make one out of a T-shirt.  Simply pop your head through the shirt only till your nose.  Then bring the back bottom of the shirt over to cover your forehead.  Then use the two arm pieces to tie behind your head.   Sooo fast and easy.YouTube is awesome for stuff like this.   We had such a hot day but the kids couldn’t get enough ninja action.  Of course we gave them all gold painted foam swords and got them to try to balance on my BOSU ball which was a perfect “spinner”.  We captured each child doing a ninja move and later gave those out for the thank you cards.


Kids loved the side walk chalk thing.


It was a hot day so these virgin jello shooters were nice.  I should’ve made some “special” ones for the adults.


Goodie bags ready to go.


Team Kai

Happy 8th B-day to my wild and crazy, heart of gold Zach who always keep the moments exciting with his sharp wit and surprises me all the time with the sweetest “I Love you Mom”

Team Zane

Happy B-day to my big boy Reid who’s still my little cuddle bug, who’s so generous with his kisses and hugs.  He’s a thinker and a do-er  and is so proud to be the sole employee at Yummers!


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  1. brenda Reply

    brings tears to my eyes Joanne, you have such great kids, who we don’t see nearly often enough! And you are such an amazing mom! Love you guys!

  2. Douglas Reply

    To use Chinese writing for this is more than a little bit inaccurate – ninjas are Japanese in origin, not Chinese, and as such the general aesthetic of the LEGO Ninjago line is very much rooted in Japanese architecture, landscape, art and mythology. As such, the writing you’d want to put on the cake would go “誕生日おめでとう” (“tanjōbi omedetō”), the Japanese translation of “happy birthday”.

  3. Kelly Reply

    Thanks so much for all the pictures and ideas! I am stealing a lot of it for my son’s 6th bday this weekend! haha Not sure about the cake – don’t think I’ll have time this week to do the figures. We’ll see. Thanks for your inspriation, though!

  4. Zubaida Ibrahim Reply

    Hi there, My little guy is about to turn 4 and is obsessed with the world of Ninjago. I can’t believe what an amazing job you did for your guys bday. The cake looks amazing (and beyond my abilities) and all the activities looked great too. How did you do the invitation and name tags – I would love to be able to do that. Did you find it on line somewhere? Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks,Z.

  5. Karyn Reply

    Hey! Wow… those are great ideas! Where did you get the image for the bag tags? (the ninja eyes) Did you download it from somewhere?

  6. Carissa Reply

    May I ask where did you find the yellow beach balls? I’m having a hard time finding just yellow – everything seems to come in a 4-color pack.
    :0) Carissa

  7. julie Reply

    WoW- very impressive. boys are lucky to have such a creative multi talented fun mom! you threw a great party.. thanks for the inspiration.

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