“40 my ass” cake

My sister in law turned 40 this week, she looks amazing so I themed the cake “40 my ass”.  As no one would believe her age.  We had a delicious meal at Mona Lisas and then enjoyed pole dancing lessons by Winnipeg pole dancing which everyone attempted no matter how shy.   
Gumpaste model of Tracey doing a crazy upside down pole.  This took weeks to dry in the proper position and I ended up making two as I was unhappy with dancer #1.  I got a good workout making the skirting as there is  5 1/2 feet of fondant. Note when mixing gumpaste to sculpt mix 50/50 with fondant to prevent cracking. 

Yes that’s “underboob” .
I learned a lot while doing this research, probably too much!
I love hand painting fondant so I gave her gold eye shadow, ruby lips and luscious lashes.

Drying in second position,
It was a challenge to keep gravity and body placement in mind.
Notice the big “40” , I went Kardashian size!!!

I don’t remember Tracey trying this pose, maybe that’s why we signed those waivers!
“Show her the money”
She earned if after completing the entire nights routine for us all.- what a natural.
Happy Birthday Tracey!
Hope it was a memorable one.
Here’s to health and happiness and to never stop dancing.

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